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Sip Trunks

SIP stands for Session Initiated Protocol and SIP Trunks are, essentially, virtual telephone lines carried by the Internet.

They provide the smartest way to boost the functionality and security of your existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone infrastructure.

By connecting SIP Trunks to your PBX, we can replicate most of the user benefits you’d obtain from our cutting edge Cloud Communicate service, using a clever hybrid system.

Our SIP Trunk expertise allows you to make extremely cost-effective use of Internet telephony, especially if your organisation is operate between multiple sites. You gain ultimate control over the service parameters, with the facility to move connections when needed, whatever the location.

Any telephone number can be assigned to the Trunk. If, for example, you’re sitting in London but want your customers to call you on a New York number, it’s no problem. SIP Trunks keep your external customer interface running seamlessly even if your business is actually moving from one building to another. Meanwhile, they are infinitely scale-able as your business activity grows.

In the event of an unforeseen disaster, the lack of hardwiring means that, should your Internet connection fail, calls can be quickly re-routed through to an alternative location.

Just as important are SIP Trunks’ role in the fight against fraud. Fraud protocol alerts send an immediate text or email to the administrator, and an insurance policy covers you against collateral damage through hacking.


If you know your PBX is likely to be a fixture for the foreseeable future, then talk to us about how SIP Trunks can help get the most from it for flexibility, easy forward planning, and significant cost savings.