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Data & Broadband

We specialise in supplying IP telephony for every type of business, from large, established companies to small start-ups. But we also offer a range of products and services to cater for every potential data and broadband need you might have.

We can harness the very latest technology in fibre-optic broadband to bring super-fast Internet speeds to everyone in your organisation.

Big leaps in connectivity and reliability have been achieved with the increasing introduction of FTTC, which stands for Fibre To the Cabinet.

The upshot of this is that we can provide super-fast broadband and match it to your company’s needs. Once your or your IT department has finalised your requirements, we then handle every aspect of provision and support.

Connectaphone is dedicated to bringing you the most competitive and efficient data and broadband solutions, but it all starts with a conversation in which our advice and experience are yours to draw upon.