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Business Continuity

Business Continuity is your Plan B. No matter what the risk to your telephony, this system steps in instantly to keep everything functioning properly and securely, should external circumstances malfunction or present a threat.

Our Business Continuity app is configured to any destination you choose. It provides instant control, with functions that can be activated – and re-set – swiftly.

Freak weather conditions, such as snow or storms, flooding, electrical failure, or an emergency evacuation of your building – in all cases, Business Continuity counteracts the emergency and maintains normal service within seconds. Calls can still be received on, for example, employee mobiles, or diverted to a standby ‘real-time’ receptionist.

The Business Continuity system is separate from our Cloud Communicate network, protected in its own ‘virtual conduit’. This means your company’s business continues smoothly, no matter what the chaos on the ground.

All organisations, no matter how thoughtfully they plan ahead, need a clear contingency strategy in case things go wrong. With our telephony system, Business Continuity is yours.